Yoga: The Sliming Down Mantra

our modern lifestyle, we hardly have the time to relax. We work
around the clock and have totally forgotten the body, we sit in front
of the computer for the long hour and later busy with house chores. A
slim person going through this lifestyle changes to a fat person. A
coin has two sides. Everything around you changes or goes through
maintenance beyond diet review,
but even our body is like a fat burning machine which needs constant
maintenance else will come to a halt abruptly if not taken care. A
person with an unhealthy lifestyle leads to many kinds of diseases
like kidney problem, liver problem, diabetics, cholesterol, blood
pressure and many more. Thus instead of enrolling in an
expensive gym, you can do yoga at your pace at your home leisurely.

Is Yoga?

word Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word “YOG”, which means a
spiritual, mental and physical practice or merely discipline. Yoga is
the best way to lose weight if practiced in the right way. Yoga does
not give pressure to the bones and thus the injuries caused while
performing it is much lesser than in the gym. You can learn yoga from
going to yoga classes, and can practice at home.

Yoga indeed helps you to concentrate and improves your metabolism. Yoga aims in practicing the relaxation and stretching of muscles in the body. Yoga goes hand in hand with nature and is very relaxing to mind and soul, thus relaxing oneself which is a way to lose weight. Usually, stress and anxiety make a person gain weight, once these are controlled and at peace you tend to shed weight instead of gaining. Thus, yoga is the most effective and the cheapest tool to shed and shape your body from inside out and improves the mental stability.

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