Zowie And Logitech Contributed To Best FPS Mouse Lists

Zowie Gear EC-1A and EC-2A are two different types of gaming mouse
provided by Zowie Company in the market. The price of these two is
same and there is little variation in its operation. It has been
designed for right handed people. It is being available in the plug
and play option and there is no wireless option present in it. The
maximum DPI provided by the mouse is 3.2. It is allowed to adjust the
mouse as per the action or requirement of the user. The reviews
provided by the users about this mouse are quite acceptable and good.

Operation And
Features Of Logitech G900 Mouse:

Another best FPS
provided by Logitech Company is Logitech G900. It is
operated with delta zero optical sensor mode and concept. The
function of the mouse is evolved with the help of eight programmable
buttons present in it. It helps in performing multiple programs or
commands in the same time. Also, it is designed in such a way where
single button is used to perform multiple actions as well. On the fly
option enables the user to vary DPI instantly without any
interruption in the gaming feature. The life time of the mouse is
higher and it enables to perform up to 20 million clicks.

Gaining Comfort
Level Of Operation:

The comfort grip used in the mouse enables good performance and provides comfort level to the players. The mouse is also provided with advanced coating effects and this helps in preventing any sticky movement from it. It is designed and manufactured only for doing or performing gaming actions. It is being operated only with Windows operating systems in the market. The average price of this mouse is $200. The in game one click option is considered as highlighted options. The low friction helps in operating the mouse in smooth way and better handling is done by sculptured grip.

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